Energy, light, thoughtfulness, and intention provide the quintessential backdrop to Girlfriends Retreat, enabling them to use their natural gifts to connect and inspire women. I’m excited to engage with Girlfriends Retreat and look forward to all the amazing things I know they have in store."

A Space for Women to Escape, Indulge, Luxuriate, Connect, and Exhale.

Lydia Smith

Chief Diversity Officer, Victoria’s Secret & Co.

When I learned about Girlfriends Retreat, I thought “What better way to honor yourself than attending special experiences with a diverse community of like-minded women?” Girlfriends Retreat has allowed me to build new social and professional networks as well as genuine friendships. I’m in!"

Danielle De Luca

HoriZen Collective, LLC
Hypnobreathwork® Coach

I am beyond excited about The Girlfriend's Retreat. Their passion for meaningful experiences and connections amongst a wide range of people is unmatched. The Girlfriend's Retreat is not to be missed!"

Radiah Rhodes

Founder and CEO of Evók Life

I absolutely loved my experience at the Girlfriend's Retreat. Shanique created a warm and welcoming space for fierce women to meet, uplift, and support one another. women do on the daily, it was a welcomed reprieve to have a space and dedicated time to gather with like-minded and inspiring ladies. I'm already anxiously waiting for the next one!

Carolina Groppa

Executive in Charge of Production
HOORAE Media and ColorCreative 

Girlfriends Retreat is a curated and coveted space just for us! It’s honestly something that I desperately needed and didn’t even realize until I was in the midst of the magic. Being around a like-minded, diverse gathering of amazing women was an uplifting and energizing experience. In these times, there is so much emphasis on self-care via meditation, exercise, spas etc. but Girlfriends Retreat was a way of re-filling our cups and re-invigorating our souls through communal sharing and caring. I left feeling happier, more hopeful and excited for the next one! 

Lori Hall Armstrong

Founder & Principal, VERBIFY, LLC

JUNE 22-25, 2023

The Cabo Experience

Imagine an experience where your spirit, emotions, and body are aligned… an experience where you prioritize your self-care needs.
Envision the embrace of radiant women with good vibes… a hydrating experience where joy fills your soul. Visualize an experience of lux living…



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Girlfriends Retreat is all about women—our friendships, our lifestyles, our interests, our success, our wellness, our challenges.

Along with curating engaging, light-hearted and inspiring experiences for women, we are also proud to work in collaboration with organizations that center and celebrate women, and brands who want to develop thoughtful and relevant products and services. We are tapped into what is happening for women now, and what is next.

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