Girlfriends Retreat is a celebration of womanhood, friendship, and the extraordinary things that happen when they meet. We bring women together in community to make that magic while they honor themselves, uplift each other, and connect. 

A Space for Women to Escape, Indulge, Inspire, and be Inspired.

Our Story

Let's begin by defining the word Retreat—to step away from challenging circumstances. Because women must meet life's demands every day, we often don't make ourselves a priority.

Inspired by the nourishing power of friendship, Girlfriends Retreat was created to harness the transformative experience of women connecting with other women. Simple joys like good food, good music, creative expression, laughter, travel, and good conversation are intensified and expanded.

Our Mission

Along with our curated experiences, Girlfriends Retreat’s mission centers on women’s needs and interests in all spaces. Through brand partnerships and consulting, we help drive a better understanding of what it means to develop products and services that truly speak to the needs, interests, and preferences of women. 


Girlfriends Retreat was founded by Shanique Bonelli-Moore—a daughter, mother, wife, friend, active community member and executive. Like most of us, Shanique balances many worlds, and honors her girlfriends and the time they spend together as her chance to stop and check in with herself. 


Shanique’s road to founding Girlfriends Retreat was paved with experiences that many of us share.  

As a fiercely dedicated Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion executive who has built and led transformative and inclusive environments in the entertainment, media, and consumer products industries, much of Shanique’s inspiration and motivation to build Girlfriends Retreat started with her work.

After listening to countless women tell their stories of feeling unseen and unheard, she was emboldened to create something that focused on centering women. A space for women where those battles don’t exist – a place where we can escape, indulge, inspire, and be inspired.

A strong believer in listening to the cues that came to her along her life journey

Shanique saw the natural growth and healing power of those relationships – colleagues that became friends, neighbors that became teachers, and girlfriends that became sisters. So, she decided to give the gifts of listening, laughing, and sharing to any woman that needs them, as we all do.

And Girlfriends Retreat was born. 

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) consulting

Navigating the intersection of family and work

Advisory Board

Radiah Rhodes

CEO & Founder,
Evok Life


Dena Johnson

Talent Brand Partnerships, 
United Talent Agency (UTA)

Suzette Ramirez-Carr

Chief People Officer,

Sharon Daugherty

CEO, Principal 
SND Business Communications, LLC

JUNE 22-25, 2023

The Cabo Experience

Imagine an experience where your spirit, emotions, and body are aligned… an experience where you prioritize your self-care needs.
Envision the embrace of radiant women with good vibes… a hydrating experience where joy fills your soul. Visualize an experience of lux living…


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